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KLA Schools prides itself on maintaining a staff of passionate, caring and educated people. All positions in our schools are important and impact the life of a child. We believe that once you become a member of the KLA Schools community you become a part of our family. We know you will not just find a job at KLA Schools, but a career with meaning and purpose.

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Open Positions

  • School Director

    The Director provides leadership at KLA and is the ultimate responsible person for the well being and normal function of the school. The Director recommends policies, priorities, projects and programs. The Director develops and administers the school program outlined in the Parent and Employee Handbook. The Director recruits, hires, and assists employees in working to capacity. The Director is responsible for the pedagogical aspects of our program. The Director provides referral services to parents, and supervises the day-to-day implementation of the programs.
  • Assistant Director

    The Assistant Director provides assistance to the school Director. They will take control of the school operations in the event of an absence of the school Director. The main role of the Assistant Director position is to provide assistance to the school Director in all administrative and pedagogical matters.
  • Head Teacher

    The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day experiences of each child in their classroom. One must have the ability to observe children, be able to prepare their curriculum projections and be able to implement them. A KLA Schools Head Teacher should encourage children to negotiate in their group, be able to work with small groups of children with varying abilities and purposefully allow mistakes to happen. A Head Teacher should be able to train the Assistant Teacher in all of these skills and more.
  • Assistant Teacher

    The Assistant ought to support teachers in their preparing, implementing, and recording of daily experiences. In addition, they should be able to support children in their navigation and negotiations around the classroom while minimally inserting themselves in situations to allow children to function as autonomously as possible. The Assistant Teacher is also responsible for the daily cleanliness of the classroom and the maintaining of supplies within the classroom.

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